About Us


     Schaefer Adaptive Methods was founded by myself, Sam Schaefer, about a year after undergoing an elective amputation as the result of a 9 year fight with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).


After my amputation I started to realize the information and resources I could find had very little overlap from what I was finding to work for myself. I came into this journey with over a decade of training and almost a decade of coaching and studying movement and learning movement. As I began applying concepts I realized 2 things: everything is different, but everything is the same. So I began viewing my own rehab and training as research to learn how to communicate what was working, how it was working, and how others could apply the same ideas to their own. A couple more years down the road I began creating opportunities to trial what I was doing for myself with others with limb differences and found it worked. I know what I teach will be an ever evolving process, our methods being truly adaptive and never fixed.

My goal is for everyone we work with to not only improve while we are working together, but to develop tools we can use for our entire life to create progress.

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